Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anime, Sexy chicks & more Anime (part 2)

Now that I have completely forgotten what I wrote the last time...I will write some more about what I think of Anime today! Why? You ask...well, cause I can! Mwahahahah

First off, there is no excuse for people to ridicule others for watching what they want (within reason). A lot of the times, people forget that our freedoms come at a heavy cost. Some people even use the 1st Amendment to cover up their own b.s. & blab on about whatever gets them the most ratings. Complete nonsense! How would you like it, if everbrony on the planet signaled you out & began to ridicule every little thing you do...aaaand post it all over the Internet! Not very much, huh? Well, leave the anime fans alone! They do their thing, which doesn't hurt anyone, and you others do your thing like drink & drive...we will see who gets in trouble first.

Now, on to the hot chicks in ANIME!!!

I just thought this was a really cool shot! Hmm on to the next one!

Ok, all you bronies out there knew I was going to throw in a pic that reminded me of DJ Pony! Deal with it! lol

Superb artwork!!! I was very knocked out by what was done with this shot...colors everywhere!

Say what you want about this one, but this series rocked seriously hardcore! Blood, guts, & a really hot woman at the center of it all!

Totally cool with the eyes & the meshing of the multiple greens! Truly artistic!

This shot reminds me of ...umm well, I don't know. However, I have no issues with this one at all!

I bet all the guys are reading my captions underneath the photos! Yeeeaaaah, riiight!

Did anyone notice that I changed the color of my lettering? Hmmm probably not!!!

John Blaze's hot sister...and I mean, she is on fire! lol

Ok, I like purple too...buut, this anime chick loves the color purple! Wow!

Ya ya...I know, I know. Say what you will, but there is something hot about a woman that can kick YOUR butt!

Yuppers, on the topic of hot women kicking YOUR butt! Dig the really, really, big sword! Wow! LOL

Later guys, that's all I got for tonight! Peace out!

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